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The Crofting Reform (Scotland) Act 2010 requires the Keeper of the Registers of Scotland (RoS) to establish and maintain a public register of crofts, common grazings and land held runrig.


The Scottish Government has provided initial funding for the project and the aim is to register as many of the 1000 plus Common Grazings as possible. Registration of common land on the Crofting Register will hold a legally recognised boundary and list of shareholders. This will provide certainty for future generations and support current crofters in their usage and diversification activities of common grazings.


This project is being run in partnership with the Crofting Commission, Registers of Scotland and the Scottish Government.


Who are the project team?

Project Owner               Donna Smith

Administration Team    Emma Naysmith

                                        Camille Douglas

                                        Valerie Rankine

GIS Team                       Heather Mack (GIS Manager)

                                        Catriona Love

                                        Fiona Simpson


How is the Crofting Commission preparing Grazings for registration?

The Crofting Commission has issued registration application packs to grazing committees, shareholders (where grazings have no committee in office) and owner(s) of the common grazings. The application pack includes a boundary map of the common grazings, a list of shareholders with a share in the grazings, details of resumptions, apportionments and crofter forestry schemes.  Guidance notes to help with the registration process can be accessed here


How is the Crofting Commission preparing Land Held Runrig for registration?

Land Held Runrig should be registered separately.  However, the Crofting Commission records do not always show runrig land therefore we have requested that if landlords or grazings clerks are aware of runrig land on their common grazings, that they make the Commission aware of this.


How have the Crofting Commission decided which common grazings to engage with?

Grazings with a committee in office that have requested to start the process for registration have now been contacted and are either in progress or registered.


What is the role of the grazings committees and owners of a common grazings?

The Commission are requesting the grazings clerks/shareholders and owner(s) to agree the boundary of the grazings and shareholder details.  This engagement exercise is the only opportunity committees and owners will have to report on their grazings boundaries so it is vital that this is done within the timescales set out by us. 


Can changes be made to the Grazings Registration once it has been submitted to Registers of Scotland?

Once the registration is submitted to Registers of Scotland, the Crofting Commission, in accordance with the Crofting Reform (Scotland) Act 2010, will only make a rectification if it has made a material mistake in processing the application.  Grazings Committees are encouraged to consider the proposed boundaries carefully, ensure they are correct and provide any alterations before registration takes place.  If changes need to be made following the registration, an application to challenge the registration of the common grazings/land held runrig must be made to the Scottish Land Court, George House, 126 George Street, Edinburgh EH2 4HH by any person with an interest.  The application must be brought within 9 months from the date of registration and should be made directly to the Land Court.   


Frequently Asked Questions

You can view a list of Frequently Asked Questions on the Registration of Common Grazing here.

Grazings Project contact details:

For further information, please contact us on 01463 663472 or email us directly at grazings.register@crofting.scotland.gov.uk


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