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PLEASE NOTE, in any application involving or affecting access to the croft, provisions for sufficient vehicular access must be clearly marked on plans submitted with the application. Please take the time to consider any issues relating to access to the croft carefully before submitting the application to us. This may help avoid delays in dealing with your case. To take account of modern vehicles and equipment, access to the croft should be at least 4 metres wide.



Certain regulatory applications now trigger the compulsory requirement to register your croft on the Crofting Register.  In some cases this has resulted in delays in processing applications. In many circumstances the law says we cannot take decisions on regulatory applications until the croft is registered. 

We realise that delays cause frustration with our customers. One of the main reasons for delays is problems with the maps submitted with the Registration application. We would urge you to refer to the guidance issued by Registers of Scotland on the detail required in the maps http://www.ros.gov.uk/pdfs/crpg.pdf  It is also important that cheques for payment of the croft registration fee should be made payable to the Crofting Commission.

A full list of the regulatory triggers can be found via the link below:

www.ros.gov.uk/croftingregister/trigger_event_leaflet.pdf  For more information see Crofting Register.

Please see the Crofting Commission Policy Plan for our Policies on individual regulatory functions.

Guidance on advertising applications.




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Factsheet Common Grazings734 kB Factsheet Common Grazings11/02/2016
Factsheet Creating a New Common Grazings900 kB Factsheet Creating a New Common Grazings23/11/2015
Factsheet Creating a New Croft1040 kB Factsheet Creating a New Croft16/04/2015
Factsheet Decrofting816 kB Factsheet Decrofting16/04/2015
Factsheet Division687 kB Factsheet Division21/04/2015
Factsheet Enlargement of Croft Land849 kB Factsheet Enlargement of Croft Land21/04/2015
Factsheet Exchange of Croft Land885 kB Factsheet Exchange of Croft Land21/04/2015
Factsheet Letting842 kB Factsheet Letting21/04/2015
Factsheet Subletting707 kB Factsheet Subletting21/04/2015
Factsheet Succession1105 kB Factsheet Succession21/04/2015
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